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The LEAP Alliance mission is to safeguard the feet of diabetic persons. Up to 80% of severe diabetic foot complications and lower extremity amputations can be prevented with an annual foot examination and prompt treatment of potentially hazardous foot problems. By organizing the many persons and groups concerned about diabetes control, the LEAP Alliance works towards preventing foot complications and amputations by providing diabetics with free foot screening examinations and other preventive footcare programs. 

There is Power In Numbers
The LEAP Alliance brings together podiatrists, other footcare health  professionals, physicians and allied health professionals who treat or manage diabetic patients, healthcare facilities, State of Nevada diabetes health agencies, businesses, and Las Vegas/Henderson diabetes community service groups -- all pooling their resources to help decrease the human suffering and monumental costs associated with diabetic foot complications and amputations. 

Preventive Foot Care Center Networks of America®
Diabetic foot care is a major practice concentration for LEAP Alliance Network podiatrists. The podiatrist’s unsurpassed ability to prevent diabetic foot complications and amputations is universally recognized.  And, since healthcare reforms are challenging physicians to find new and innovative ways to prevent chronic disease—the LEAP Alliance is meeting that challenge by administering a network of highly skilled podiatrists and other health professionals who are dedicated to providing an organized program of quality-focused, preventive diabetic footcare.

The Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention (LEAP) Alliance Mission

Foot screenings are brief foot exams for adult persons with Type 2 Diabetes to identify circulatory problems, diabetic neuropathy, and other conditions that can lead to severe lower extremity complications and amputations.
Bare Your Soles
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Free Diabetes
Foot Screening Program
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Lions Hunt for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN) Free Foot Screening Program

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